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Maintenance of computer networks

Maintenance of computer networks and systems.

Maintenance of computer networks and systems.

Maintenance of computer networks rather broad concept, which includes:

1. Maintenance of performance of the existing network.

1.1. Maintaining a passive component of the network in operation, replacement of components, maintenance of order in the patch.

1.2. Maintenance of active network equipment, periodic cleaning, the software update.

1.3. Administering local network software level; 

2. Rashrirenie existing network:

2.1. Expansion of the LAN, through the addition of new jobs;

2.2. Expansion of the network due to the appearance of the new premises, which also need a network.

3. Networking on the company's new facilities.

4. Maintenance of components of computer systems, which include:

4.1. Serving of video surveillance systems;

4.2. Maintenance of access control systems (ACS);

Special features of computer networks and systems.

Computer network maintenance can be made in the framework of the contract for the maintenance of computers and separately.

Service can be performed on a regular basis as part of the agreement, or one-time operation.

Servicing a computer network price.

The cost of servicing a computer network, a one-time - contract;

With the price of computer network services within the computer maintenance contract, you can find: Service price computers.

The base price of the service network of 2EUR. for copper port per month.

The cost of maintenance of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) contract.

How to start a scheduled network maintenance?

For the start of the service, you can get advice over the phone or available free departure of the expert on the subject.

1) The specialist will assess the volume of work required for the maintenance of computer networks;

2) propose options for cooperation;

3) Prepare a quotation charges according to your wishes and the required service volumes;

4) Prepare the contract account.

The entire procedure takes less than one business day, the next day, our specialists can already proceed with the maintenance of your network.

What to do in case of "All is lost, no Internet, Wi-fi does not work"?

We provide services under the contract and, therefore, the urgent departure of the expert on the subject is only possible within the framework of the contractual conditions.

We are ready as soon as possible to send you to a specialist to assess the situation and prepare a service contract.