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Network design SCS

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Network design SCS

1.Proektirovanie network

Usually, the creation of IT infrastructure in the building begins with the creation of a structured cabling system. It is very important to build a high-quality and universal installer, as the period of its operation is typically 15-25 years.

1.1 Who and when doing a project?

When you create a network share of work on the design of SCS and direct mounting, especially in large projects. Very often, in the first place is a project, and then organized a tender to select a contractor for the installation of networks.

If the customer needs help in preparing the plan for SCS, such work can be carried out within the requirements specification.

But if the customer is required to develop a comprehensive technical specifications, diagrams SCS, the working draft, log switching and other documentation, we offer primarily a service for the design of SCS with a further network installation.

1.2. What questions need to be answered before designing the network.

What do you need from the local network, telephony?

1) Category network 5e, 6 or higher? - At the moment is enough for most tasks category 5e.

2) What is the speed of the transmission network must support, 100Mb / s and 1Gb or 10Gb?

3) UTP or FTP;

4) What is the number of ports per workstation as RJ45, RJ11, and the number of outlets 220V.

5) Is it necessary to further protect the wire corrugated sleeve, or even metal-sleeve;

6) Components of the manufacturer to use?

2.Etapy network design.

What and how is projected?

1) Creation of technical specifications with the basic requirements to the network.

2) Create a plan for posting jobs.

3) Create a plan of switching nodes.

4) Create the circuit wiring and gaskets links.

5) Creating a switching circuit and others. documents.

3.Dalneyshie steps of creating a network.

1) Determination of the exact value creation network . A detailed calculation of the value is possible after having a detailed working draft, or at least clear parameters of the project. Base prices for works on installation SKS shown: installation costs SCS ;

2) The conclusion of the contract, payment.

3) sobstenno himself installation network .

4) Preparation of documentation.

5) Transfer the final customer's network.

6) Submission of documents for certification.

Properly constructed LAN will provide you with effective use of information resources for many years, will open new opportunities for your business in the asset management company.


For free rendering the value of creating a network, you can refer to specialists & laquo; LANPORT & raquo;. call: 044 4657788, 096 8105757, 066 1043636, or write on email: .