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Fiber welding

LANPORT The company offers a range of services to create a fiber optic link in Kyiv and Ukraine.

LANPORT The company provides a range of services to create installer, including proklaka optical cable assembly and optical coupling panels, welding of optical fibers, both in Kiev and in other cities: Dnepropetrovke, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv and other cities was stolen.

When welding optical fiber company experts use the latest welding aparata DVP-740, which can cook all kinds of fibers with minimalnymy losses, which ensures small losses on welding (typical: 0.02 dB) and that is very important: stability fiber weld over time ( cycles of winter-summer, a sharp increase in moisture, chemical fumes in the workplace and others.)

Welding fiber price.

Price creating a VOLS individually calculated for each project.

The table shows the approximate prices for some types of works on creation of fiber-optic and welding optics.

The cost of welding optics (price).

Name Unit Price, UAH

Welding 1-4 fibers fiber 250.00

Welding 5-8 fibers fiber 220,00

Welding 9-12 fibers fiber 190.00

Welding 13-16 fibers fiber 180.00

Welding 16-24 fibers fiber 150.00

Welding 25-32 fibers fiber 125.00

Welding 33-48 fibers fiber 110.00

Welding of 49 fibers and more fiber 100.00

Minimum one-time cost of welding optics - 1000 UAH.

It includes 4 fibers to weld to one place. Welding of optical fiber includes a breaker optical cable assembly optical distribution frame and welded laying fiber in splice cassette.

Thus, no additional allowances are not listed, we do not take in the price. The only exception is installation of crosses on the wall, work on weekends and after school, or other activities not related to the welding of optical fibers, which is discussed separately.

In case of need, can work at any time by appointment. These prices are valid if the specified number of splices will be no more than two points of operation.

Of all the range of services we provide, we would like to highlight a few particularly popular on the modern telecommunications market. This fiber-optic line construction and repair services for optical networks, optical cable welding.

We produce a lining, installation installer, welding optics, mounting cross equipment, couplings, repair work.